Welcome to Big City Bikerafts, and thanks for visiting! We are a bikeraft rental service based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, offering a selection of quality Alpaca packrafts to rent for weekend or weekly bikerafting trips. Our packages have everything you need to have a successful and enjoyable bikerafting trip.

What is bikerafting, you ask? Basically, it's a combination of two of our favorite things - mountain biking and rafting. You bike with a small inflatable kayak, life jacket, and paddle strapped to your bike. When you get to the water, you inflate your bikeraft, strap your bike to the front, and paddle the river, lake, or stream of your choosing. 

The beauty of bikerafting is that it gives you the ability to include water to your weekend trail rides, and can open up all sorts of new riding experiences that you never considered before. With bikerafting, all of your equipment is with you the entire time, so you can bike or raft wherever you want.

Please check out our site for our rental rates, as well as some suggested routes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We're just getting started, so be sure to let us know what you think of the site and anything we can do to improve things. Plus, be sure to keep us updated on any new bikerafting routes that you find, so we can share with the local community!

Will Saunders (will@bigcitybikerafts.com)
Evan Smith (evan@bigcitybikerafts.com)